Another Election Blog…

Here we go, another election blog.

So what is the angle this blog will take to set it apart from the other blogs in the space? My friend Brian Newby, the Election Commissioner in Johnson County, KS writes a great blog named “Election Diary” chronicling his experiences and observations as someone who is actually administering elections. How he finds the time to do it, I’ll never know.

Another friend, Doug Chapin, has been in the election blogging business longer than anyone; first with his invaluable and now with his Excellence in Election Administration blog at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota. Doug’s blogs provide news and commentaries from his self-described “election geek” perspective.

My academic friends; Thad Hall, Mike Alvarez, Paul Gronke, et al., have a scholarly election blog called Election Updates. This is a great blog to see what scholars consider as important election issues and to tune in to their discussion with each other.

Rick Hasen’s Election Law Blog, with the obligatory legal take on election issues rounds outs the suite of terrific election administration related blogs.

So why another election blog?

As a former election administrator, I have a perspective from the practical, front line, rubber-on-the-road point of view without the political limitations that come with being a current administrator. As an aspiring scholar and doctoral candidate in Political Science, I am conversant with the theoretical and research aspects of election and public administration without the research-and-publish culture and ivory tower perspective that sometimes come with life in the academy.

With a foot in both camps, the realm of theory and the world of praxis, it is my ambitious hope that through this blog I may shed light on both perspectives. Maybe I can contribute to bridging the divide and enhancing the dialogue between those who administer elections and those who study elections.

Time will tell and you readers will be the judge.

Scott O. Konopasek


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