Moonlighting in California


What would weber do?

The blog has moved to sunny California.  When I started this blog in January 2013 in Salt Lake City, the weather was cold and hazy.  High temperatures were in the teens for 8 weeks which is actually great weather for skiing, the Sundance Film Festival and graduate studies and research.  Temperatures are balmy here in California as I write this post.

With the change of venue and its accompanying shift in perspective, I also have changed from an academic and researcher foremost and administrator/election official second to the opposite relationship.  As a newly appointed California Election Official, I am returning to my bureaucratic roots as my principle endeavor and setting the academy into a secondary role.  Whether I am an academic moonlighting as an administrator or a bureaucrat imitating a scholar will be for the reader to judge.

I have no plans to write about my personal experiences as an administrator in my new capacity.  Brian Newby is already filling that space and journaling insightful perspectives and entertaining experiences. My colleagues, my employees and my employers can rest assured that they will not appear in these musings.  Scholars and other bloggers may not share the same consideration (humor intended).

I will continue to observe the administration of elections from a generalized perspective and attempt to offer observations and analysis of both a theoretical and practical nature which may be meaningful to a wide spectrum of election geeks and enthusiasts.  As a doctoral candidate, I am continuing my studies and research in public administration and political theory.  The subject of my primary research continues to be elections related and my dissertation proposal is an analysis of the effectiveness of federal election reforms (HAVA) specifically, provisional ballots, voter identification and definitions of a valid vote.  By necessity, I am researching and assessing the metrics by which election administration in general and federal reforms can be meaningfully determined.

I welcome questions, insights and critiques on election topics whether or not they are relevant to my posts or my research.     

Stay tuned.