Scott O. Konopasek is a self-appointed election guru and has been called an election administration iconoclast by some (still don’t know what to think about that.)

A varied background and education have given me a unique take on life generally and on elections specifically. I have been accused of being a walking paradox. I have been an election administrator in three states and have consulted with officials across the country. I have been a political consultant and managed several successful political campaigns. I have a degree in French Literature, speak four languages and have lived in seven countries outside the US. I have a Master’s degree in Political Science and am completing a PhD in Public Administration. I have been trained as an interrogator and intelligence operative and am a decorated Army officer. I was a religious missionary. I am a progressive thinker born of a conservative culture, professions and religion. I am a creative artist and a results-oriented administrator.

I have been labled many things by many people but ordinary and conventional are not among the labels.

I find the expression “good enough for government work” terribly insulting to public servants and election administrators especially. I believe that government should not be run like a business but that it should be run BETTER THAN A BUSINESS. This blog is dedicated to that end.

The ideas expressed in this blog are my own and do not represent the views of past, present or future employers.


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